What's new in C# 7?

Зал 1 | 19:00

In this talk Jesse and attendees will put the latest release of C# into perspective. During the session all the latest features of C# 6 and 7 will be covered. Topics will include the null conditional operator, initialization of automatic properties, NameOf expressions, string interpolation, the using static directive, enhanced uses for async and await and all the new features in C# 7.

Jesse will discuss no only what these are, but how developers would use them in real world programming, and he’ll create an example that makes their value clear.

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Jesse Liberty

Jesse Liberty jesseliberty

Liberty Associates

Jesse Liberty is an independent software developer, consultant and author. Liberty hosts the popular Yet Another Podcast and he is the author of two dozen best-selling books. He is also the author of numerous Pluralsight courses on everything from Angular to Xamarin. Liberty is a Certified Xamarin Developer, a Xamarin MVP and a Microsoft MVP. He was a Technical Evangelist for Microsoft, Distinguished Software Engineer at AT&T; Software Architect for PBS and Vice President of Information Technology at Citibank, and he was on the teaching staff at Brandeis University.

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