Stack Overflow — It's all about performance!

Зал 1 | 12:45

Stack Overflow is one of the world’s most popular sites, serving tens of millions of programming questions and answers to more than 100 million developers every month. Complex pages are routinely served in less than 50ms. Its network has now grown to about 150 sites.

The company’s team manages to do this with very small footprint in terms of servers and with a tiny development team. In this talk Marco will cover the company’s architecture, methodology and coding principles, with real world examples and demos. Hopefully, there are some good ideas here attendees can take home and work on!!

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Marco Cecconi
Marco Cecconi sklivvz

Stack Overflow

A software engineer at Stack Overflow in London. Marco writes about software development, coding, architecture and team leadership. He also speaks at conferences worldwide.

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