Exceptional Exceptions in .NET

Зал 3 | 15:30

All developers know how to use try/catch/finally blocks, but do you really know how exception handling works? Or what could go wrong? What is time consuming? What is not? We'll never be able to write truly reliable software if we do not understand exception handling. In this talk you will learn hardcore details about exception handling. You will see what can be thrown and which exceptions are impossible to catch. This talk will also discuss filter blocks and stack unwinding. You'll also find out what happens when a finally block fails with exception and when finally is not going to be executed. You'll also learn how to improve reliability with Constrained Execution Regions. Last but not least, we will cover topic of Tasks's exception handling to check what happens with unhandled Tasks exceptions and how good async/await is at it. With this knowledge you can take your .NET skills to another level!

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Adam Sitnik
Adam Sitnik SitnikAdam


Adam is a software engineer focused on performance and reliability. He has spent much of his professional life working on systems for energy producers and distributors. It included projects such: energy trading, production optimization, balance settlement and critical events detection. So far no blackouts! He’s an Open Source Contributor to BenchmarkDotNet and corefxlab. He is also an ex-MMA practitioner, AFOL, rabbit owner and a huge star wars fan.

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