C# Scripting — why and how you can use your C# in places you never thought of before?

Зал 2 | 16:35

In this talk, Filip along with attendees will examine using C# as a scripting language. Pioneered by the scriptcs project, C# scripting has grown to become a first class citizen in the Roslyn compiler and can now be enjoyed and applied in your applications in various ways — using the embeddable assemblies, command line CSI tool, the new “dotnet” CLI, Visual Studio Interactive Window and — still — the scriptcs project. It all also works cross platform!

Filip will dissect what’s going on under the hood in C# scripting and how it can make life easier for you as a developer.

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Filip W

Filip W filip_woj


Filip is a popular .NET blogger, author, prolific open source contributor and a Microsoft MVP. Over the past few years, his blog has been one of the most popular ASP.NET resources on the internet. Filip specializes in ASP.NET Web Stack, modern web technologies and is experienced in delivering robust web solutions. He worked on projects in many corners of the world (Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Scotland).

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