Myths about safety of C# code

Track 2 | 12:45

This is not a secret that it is easy to shoot yourself in the foot while programming in C++. Of course, C# is much better, in this way. Some errors that are possible in C++ are impossible in C#. However, the other found in both languages. Moreover, there is a number of errors occurred only in C#. Along with attendees, Sergey will consider what these mistakes are and in which well-known open-source projects they are found. The speaker will explain how static analysis will help to avoid these mistakes and what programming practices is better to use.

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Sergey Vasiliev
Sergey Vasiliev CPP_Coder


Leading developer at PVS-Studio. He was engaged in the development of C++ and C# parser cores. Sergey is focused on the direction of the Tools & DevOps. Author of articles on the audit of open-source projects.

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