My life with actors: implementing actor model in F#

Track 4 | 12:45

“All the software’s a stage. And all the components merely actors. They have their exits and their entrances. And they send each other messages”.

Did Shakespeare write that? Perhaps not exactly. Never mind, this talk is about modern times, so modern that some developers no longer find proven OO paradigm convincing and instead ride new waves — newly discovered old waves, since Vagif will talk about actor model.

It’s been a year since Miles’s team commenced a media distribution project using Akka.NET, functional programming and F#. Queues and cloud storage providers, millions of files, all managed by actors. What did the team learn? What did they gain? Come to Vagif’s talk to know!

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Vagif Abilov
Vagif Abilov ooobject


Vagif is a Russian/Norwegian developer working for a Norwegian company Miles. He has about three decades of programming experience, currently focusing on building systems in F# and C#. Vagif is a frequent speaker on software conferences, contributor to some open source projects and maintainer of Simple.OData.Client.

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