Modification of .NET code during runtime

Track 3 | 16:35

Igor will tell about ways of changing of code's application in the .NET runtime:

  1. Hook method after JIT-compilation.
  2. IL method substitution using .NET profiling API.
  3. IL method substitution by hook CLR at JIT-compilation stage. Along with attendees of the talk, Igor will consider how .NET methods look on the lowest level, what tokens and metadata are. Examples of using the knowledge gained in practice will be discussed:
  4. The speaker and listeners will inject their code into another .NET process.
  5. They will prepare their own tracing profiler.
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Igor Chevdar
Igor Chevdar

SKB Contur

Member of two finals ACM ICPC 2007–2009. .NET Developer since 2007. He is fond of the low-level optimizations and machine learning.

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