Intelligent Chatbots and Cognitive Services

Track 4 | 11:25

Creating intelligent chatbots is not an easy task, but it is something that many companies would like to do in order to expose their services to larger audience. In this talk, Dmitry will focus on using Microsoft Bot Framework for creating chatbots that can act across different communication channels, and on how to use Microsoft Cognitive Services (in particular, LUIS) to make bots smarter.

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Dmitry Soshnikov
Dmitry Soshnikov shwars


Dmitry Soshnikov, PhD, works in Microsoft as Technology Evangelist, specializing on Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Functional Programming, C#, F# and .NET Platform, as well as general Windows Application Development. He tries to make new technologies popular among younger audiences, including students and startups. During the last two years, he carried out several dozens of Hackathons across Russia, helping many student teams start their first software project or startup. He also works as Associate Professor in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Higher School of Economics and Moscow Aviation Institute. Dmitry is a member of Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence and F# Software Foudation, during the summer he is the leader of Computer Technology Department of JUNIO-R Children Camp. In his free time Dmitry experiments with Digital Art and Technological Magic, and carries out Gun Fu Cha tea ceremonies.

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