How to create XAML application without Message Bus

Track 4 | 15:30

All of MVVM frameworks uses Message Bus pattern for CompositeUI implementation. This pattern is usually used for integration between processes at backend and brings many disadvantages on UI because it makes indirect interaction between parts of application.

Denis will talk about his experience in Composite UI design without Message Bus. If we design Composite UI using ViewModel First principle (but not View First principle as in Prism) then we don’t need MessageBus. In addition, Denis will give recommendations about designing of Composite UI using famous MVVM frameworks for different XAML platforms.

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Denis Tsvettsih
Denis Tsvettsih

One Systems

Denis went the way from .NET developer to project Manager. Area of interest – the Enterprise Applications. He developed XAML application for all platforms using popular and hipster MVVM frameworks. And of course he invented his own MVVM framework :)

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