End-to-end JIT

Track 2 | 15:30

Some OOP paradigms require precise tracking of objects, low memory footprint, and extraordinary decisions, while implementing virtually any managed platform. In this talk Karlen will focus on one of the main pillars of .NET — JIT. Modern Just-in-time compilers offer sophisticated capabilities, while balancing between overall throughput and code quality. CLR's one is no exception. Sometimes we can help/guide runtime to optimize our code more efficiently. In this talk Karlen along with listeners will focus on a such common patterns as well as see particular JIT intrinsics, objects references counting (sic!), and OOP concepts representation in machine code.

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Karlen Simonyan
Karlen Simonyan szKarlen


Senior developer at Luxoft. Involved in distributed applications engineering. Karlen ia an author of a blog and he posts articles on Habrahabr about the .NET platform using nickname szKarlen. Author of atomics.net, beginning WebKit project committer and fork maintainer.

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